Types of Barbecue Grills

A hectic week at work gives you enough reason to throw a barbecue party at your place, where, besides your family even close friends are invited. Opting for a barbecue get- together is as much about playing the perfect host as it is about de-stressing and relaxing.

But behind all the enjoyment lies the basic joy of cooking which remains incomplete if the wrong kind of cooking equipment is used. When you decide to throw a barbecue party, there are different types of barbecue grills that you can choose from. Initially, the sheer range of barbecue equipment might confuse you. This is precisely why you should have a fair idea about all possible types of barbecue grills.

On average, the market for cooking equipment offers five different types of barbecue grills to choose from. These types of barbecue grills are charcoal grills, smoker grills, propane grills, natural gas grills and multiple fuel grills. All the mentioned types are adequately suitable to be set up in your backyard. But if you are looking for something inexpensive then you should probably opt for a charcoal grill.

The large variety can demand greater investment, but the small ones are quite inexpensive and can be found close by at the neighborhood departmental store. The cost of small charcoal grills range between $10 and $15, while the larger variety cannot be had at anything less than $60.

If you are in a position to invest more there is no reason why you should not opt for a propane grill. The cost of these grills start from about $100. All the other types are more costly. While a smoker grill cannot be anything less than $130 and the minimum price of a natural gas grill is about $300, the most expensive of all is the multiple fuel grill that can burn a hole in your pocket with about $450.

The comfort with which you can use any kind of grill depends on its functionality. Most people, especially barbecue-lovers are of the opinion that natural gas grills are the easiest to use because one would not require arranging for a different source of power, that is, link it to the home line and that does it!

Following closely is the propane grill, the only requirement for setting up which is propane gas. Generally, the setting up of a propane grill requires drawing the gas from propane tanks. And among all the grills available in the market charcoal and smoker grills are hardest to use because they need regular maintenance and the costs for doing this catapults out of control.

Once you consider that the grill you install needs to fit properly into your backyard much of the confusion with regards to selection gets cleared. Always choose a grill that is neither too difficult to handle (keeping in mind that there may be amateurs around wanting to lend a helping hand!) nor too large for your space.

Outdoor Barbecue Grills

The taste of the food prepared using the charcoal grills will be better than that prepared using gas grills. The reason is that the gas grill can not give the smoky flavor to the food which is produced by the charcoal grills. If you want to cook in a bulk the gas grill will be convenient.

The charcoal grills will be a better option for cooking less quantity of food and it is easy to transfer too. The charcoal grills are less expensive as well. There are some disadvantages for charcoal grills. In a rainy day it will be difficult to light the grills and also to keep it lit till the end of cooking. After igniting the grills one has to wait till the flames die out and the coals are hot.

The food may get burnt easily soon since it is difficult to control the heat. The charcoal has to get cooled down completely before cleaning the grills. This may take hours and one will have to wait till that. When charcoal grill is used grease, ash and charcoal will be formed. Removal of these ashes for cleaning the grill can be messy. After each use the coal has to be disposed.

Gas grills are easy to ignite. The heat of the grill can be controlled easily, so there is no need of worrying about burning of the food. The gas grills may have more than one burner which can be operated independently. This helps in simultaneous cooking of different food stuffs which require different cooking temperatures. Another main advantage is of cleaning with less toil.

The selection of gas grills can be done based on the size and shape of the grill. The main drawback of the gas grill is that the smoky flavor is not obtained in this. Comparatively the gas grill is costly. It requires more space also since it is bigger than the charcoal grills.

Points to be considered to make effective use of out door barbecue are:

  1. Check whether there is adequate fuel.
  2. Charcoal should be stored in a dry place.
  3. The cooking time and fuel used will be more when outdoor barbecue will be in cold or gusty weather.
  4. Place barbecue in a direction of the wind away from the crowd.
  5. Spray some vegetable oil over the grill before lighting it.
  6. Small pieces can be placed in skewers.
  7. All the things needed for grilling should be assembled in a tray before starting. This includes the tools, utensils and raw ingredients.
  8. If the outdoor barbecue is lit once, do not leave it unattended.