Low Calorie Meals

The first and foremost step you need to take for preparing healthier Chinese dishes at home is to refrain from deep-frying. Surely you can recall that any food, whether meats or veggies, that you eat at your favorite joint, contains too much of fat. Well, that’s an accepted norm currently. Oil is awful for your health because of its high calorie content and also because it generally has a high content of saturated fat, as well as cholesterol. These components are injurious and one of the main reasons for cardiovascular diseases. So, as far as possible, do not deep-fry your eatables. When you deep-fry food, it retains fat in abundance. If you cook at home, you can certainly reduce your consumption of oils to a great extent. Apart from the volume of oil you may use at home, you also have a control on its quality. It is possible to almost completely avoid oil by using non-stick cookware and vegetable cooking spray.

Rather than deep-frying your food, you can follow some other ways of cooking that help controlling fat. Let us consider a very popular Chinese dish named Sweet and Sour Chicken. The traditional style of preparing this dish is to deep fry pieces of chicken, making them absorb a lot of oil. Here, you have the option of breading it, using bread crumbs and a bit of cooking spray before finally baking it in an oven.

You may already be aware of the healthy benefits of steaming your food. You can surely use this method for preparing Chinese dishes also. This technique of cooking employs the heat content of water vapors for cooking food. A very healthy feature of using steam for cooking is that your food largely retains its vitamins and nutrients, which get considerably reduced or almost eliminated.

Another benefit of cooking Chinese foods at home that goes a long way in keeping a check on your weight and waist is to reduce your consumption of meats. Meat contains saturated fats, increasing the calorie content and cholesterol.