Eating Raw Fish

The benefits of eating raw fish dishes

The most important one being that they all taste wonderful and look brilliant on the plate, and there is a great range from which to choose. Cold smoking fish with all kinds of types of wood shavings and flavourings. The coating of fish with herbs, spices and flavoured spirits such as Fennel Liquor. The discussion could stop now. However there is one very important fact to consider as a health benefit to us all.

They are raw, and as such give us all great health benefits.

In the normal preparation and cooking process some of the vital ingredients, such as vitamins and minerals, are lost through being washed away or destroyed by heat. This happens with most forms of fresh food when cooked. Raw fish is of course not cooked, and as a results benefits us all in retaining very high proportions of the gifts of nature, such as vitamins and minerals. So we can eat really healthy food that tastes great. However, let us consider the other side of the equation.

The dangers of eating raw fish dishes

Now there is no need for anybody to become paranoid about the dangers, because they are not widespread and are easily resolved. The potential problem is parasitic infection, commonly known as worms, that naturally spreads through the food chain. If undetected parasites can cause us serious intestinal problems, which in many cases we are not aware of. The stomach problems happen as a result of the consumption of eggs, that then grow and develop in our stomachs.

The parasites themselves pass through the food chain from the smaller to the larger species. In some instances they can be visually seen in the stomach wall. However with most cases they will be not noticed because they will be in the form of very small eggs, which in the process of preparing raw fish dishes for consumption can end up in the finished dish, as well as cross contaminating working surfaces.

However, have no fear because help is at hand, in the form of temperature, either hot or cold. Any parasitic infection will be totally eliminated if the core of your fish reaches a minimum of 62 degrees celsius. So for cooked seafood there is no problem. It is of course ideal to check the temperature of cooked dishes with a digital probe, which are very quick acting and affordable. So you can rest assured that your cooked fish dishes will be totally safe if you reach the minimum temperature.

To return to raw fish dishes the problem can also be easily and simply resolved. The fish needs to be frozen. There are no doubt screams of horror taking place now across our planet. Why we are freezing fresh fish? The reason is simple, this process will totally kill all parasitic action. There are various recommendations for the length of time and the temperature to be reached. The standard that is most commonly accepted is to freeze for 120 hours at a temperature of minus 18 degrees centigrade. Other options will take a shorter period but at a lower temperature, which is not achievable in with most domestic freezing equipment. Providing that the fish, in either whole or fillet, is tightly wrapped in cling film or sealed, it will lose very little moisture and have no freezer burn.

After the freezing process you can now progress to curing, salting or pickling your fish in total confidence that there will be no potential problem. Some of the fish you buy might already be frozen. To give yourself total reassurance freeze all the versions for the 120 hour period, and then enjoy the great Raw Fruits Of The Sea.

Raw fish dishes either smoked, marinated, pickled, salted or just raw provide seafood lovers with some wonderful tastes that cannot be matched by other food types. Being aware of the dangers, and how to solve them, is the solution in itself to eating healthier and enjoying some great dishes.