Charcoal Barbeque Grill

There are also some potential negatives with using this type of grill. The coal can be hard to light, especially if it has become wet or damp in any way. And once you’ve lit it there will be no way to adjust the temperature. You will have to get a ‘feel’ for the best number of coals to use while you are setting up. And when you are done grilling your food you will be forced to let the charcoal cool for a considerable time (several hours) before putting the grill away. Similar to fire wood, the coals must completely burn out over time before they are safe.

However, these are nothing major and should not steer you away from using a charcoal barbeque grill at all. Once you become used to operating one you will quickly realize the benefits in terms of flavor and overall grilling experience. Here is a list of things to ponder when considering the merits of one of these charcoal grills.

  • The briquets produce carbon monoxide and cannot be used in an enclosed space. Make sure you have ample circulation around the grill before you light them.
  • If you need to move the charcoal grill around at all you should consider buying a portable model. These grills are built with wheels and other handy features that make them very easy to move around.
  • Look for some useful features like vents at the top and bottom of the grill, as well as built-in thermometers to let you know how hot it is in there at all times. You will be able to make some small adjustments to the coal, but keep in mind with these grills you cannot just turn a dial to make it hotter or cooler.
  • Make sure the bottom grate is durable, as this will be used to move or lift the coals out as necessary. You want one that will stand up to the blazing heat and perform its’ job each and every time you need it.
  • Also make sure each of the handles are insulated to protect your hands from the heat. If not, be sure to use mitts each time you open the grill to protect from burns.
  • Read the specs regarding the finish used during the painting application. You want a paint that is extremely heat resistant, as well as one that will stand up to the harshest of weather.