Baked Whipped Fruit Dessert

For this dessert I use dried fruit. Prunes will give you fiber which is usually not found in cakes or pastries. Apricots, raisins or dried cherries are also good to use. I remember my grandfather eating this with his breakfast. He would always make sure there was some left for his breakfast. I prefer it as a dessert.

To make this I take1/2-pound of pitted prunes and cover them with water and let them soak all night. The next morning I cook the prunes in the same water in which they were soaked until they are tender. I let them cool and puree them. Next I add 1/4-cup of sugar and cook for 5-minutes. Then I let them cool to room temperature.

Next I beat 2-egg whites until they are very stiff. Next I stir 1/2-tablespoon lemon juice into the prunes. I then fold the beaten egg whites into the prune mixture. I lightly butter a shallow baking dish and pour the mixture into it. I bake it for 20-minutes in a pre-heated 325-degree oven. This very good served warm or cold and with or without real whipped cream.

If other dried fruit is used just remember to use 1/2-pound of that fruit.

Fruit Foil Desserts

Baked apples are a camp favorite. To make this delicious dessert, take a large apple, leave the peeling on and core it, leaving a portion of the bottom intact. If possible, save a portion of the top to cover the filled apple. Fill the core with your choice of filling, such as cinnamon and sugar, walnuts, raisins, marshmallows, nutmeg, brown sugar, butter, and/or coconut. Replace a portion of the top to keep the filling in as the apple cooks. Wrap the entire apple in tin foil, shiny side up. Heavy-duty aluminum foil is best. It will be less likely to puncture and will help keep the food from burning. Place the foil-wrapped apple in coals and cook for about 10 minutes. Carefully remove the package, unwrap and enjoy.

A different way to do baked apples is to simply slice the apples, put the slices in the middle of the foil and sprinkle with the desired toppings. Close the foil, and cook on the coals. You can substitute peaches instead of apples for this if desired.

Another favorite foil fruit dish is banana boats. To make banana boats, cut a v-shaped wedge along the top entire length of the banana, leaving the peel attached at one end if possible. You can eat the wedge. Fill the cavity with fillings such as chocolate chips, mini marshmallows, nuts, peanut butter, butterscotch chips, Reeses pieces, or any other filling that you desire. Replace the peel over the top of the filling and wrap in aluminum foil, with the shiny side to the inside of the package. Place the fruit package on its side in coals. Cook for about 2-3 minutes on each side. The key is to get the fillings to melt, without totally cooking the banana, which makes it somewhat mushy. You end up with a dish that is a campfire version of a banana split (without the ice cream!).

Gelato Ice Cream


Because there’s less butterfat in gelato ice cream, it’s less caloric than the traditional U.S. version. It’s also filled with fresher ingredients and less preservatives. Obesity is always a concern so having less butterfat is a plus as there will be less weight gain because of eating it. Because butter fat is more likely to clog arteries which may lead to heart disease, there will be less of that to worry about as well.

Higher Quality

With the Italian version of gelato ice cream, there is more density in its consistency. Because American manufacturers process their dairy dessert by whipping it, it contains more air and less creamy sweetness. Air whipped into the cream causes it to be lighter and to take up more space. What this means is a container that seems full but really isn’t. If the air was pressed out, what’s left would be tastier and appear to be a smaller serving size. Looks, of course, can be deceiving. When air isn’t whipped in, the scoops or dishes contain more of the real deal.

Not as Cold

Gelato ice cream from Italy is kept at a warmer temperature than its American counterpart. American scooped desserts are kept at below freezing which means a more ice-like product. Gelatos are kept at ten to fifteen degrees warmer temperatures, resulting in a creamier, melt-in-your-mouth dessert. When something melts in your mouth, your taste buds appreciate it more fully. Something frozen solid tends to numb the taste buds so they can’t fully comprehend the experience.

Mickey and the Chocolate Factory

Ghirardelli Soda Fountain – Downtown Disney

For a cocoa lover, visiting Disney World and not stopping by Ghiradelli’s Soda Fountain & Chocolate Shop is akin to visiting Rome and skipping the Vatican. Because, let’s face it: Ghiradelli isn’t just one of the best chocolate shops at Walt Disney World. Ghiradelli is one of the best chocolatiers in the real world, too. The good stuff comes in many forms at this magical shop: soft brownies, rich fudge, chocolate ice cream, and chunky chocolate chip cookies. Don’t forget to pick up a few gifts for people back home. We recommend the assortment box, which allows you to compile the perfect selection of chocolates by selecting only your favorites.

World Showcase – Epcot

While Ghiradelli may be Disney World’s premier chocolate joint, World Showcase at Epcot also has some of the greatest chocolate originals from around the globe. Deciding which World Showcase pavilion offers the best is nearly impossible. Each pavilion, from Italy and Mexico to France and Germany, has amazing chocolates unique to their countries. Mexico sells a lovely bottle-shaped dark chocolate with a shot of Jose Cuervo inside, while Germany sells ones filled with brandy. Italy, on the other hand, sells individual chocolates that you can mix and match. And if you want your fix in dessert form rather than bitty bites, World Showcase has what you’re looking for. Chocolate is a key ingredient in most of the pastries at France’s outstanding Boulangerie Patisserie: the mocha mousse, chocolate éclairs, and croissants will have your taste buds singing. And while Germany’s Karamell-Kuche specializes in caramel, they’ve got some of the most amazing chocolate desserts in all of Disney. We recommend the chocolate-covered sea salt caramel.

Goofy’s Candy Company – Magic Kingdom

Now, not to worry. We wouldn’t send you to a “candy shop” unless there were outstanding chocolate available. The brilliance of Goofy’s Candy Company is that you create your own chocolate goodies. You can select anything from a fudge cookie or a rice krispy treat or a pretzel rod. Next, you choose from white, milk or dark chocolate dipping. Then you have to decide from over 15 types of toppings, the best being mini M&MS, crushed Oreo cookie crumbs, dark and white chocolate chips, and Butterfinger crumbs. (Don’t float off to Heaven just yet – we’re not done). Finally, you choose between a white, dark, or milk chocolate drizzle. Your creation comes wrapped up in a nice red box, ready for you to rip open and enjoy.

Sweet Spells – Hollywood Studios

For those who love chocolate fudge, the place to be is Sweet Spells in Hollywood Studios. Although this shop sells amazing chocolate chip cookies, chocolate dipped marshmallows, and chocolate covered strawberries, the fudge here is bar none. This melt-in-your mouth fudge comes in heaping hunks that are nearly impossible to finish by yourself, so only order if you plan on sharing. With over ten types of fudge to choose from, it can feel overwhelming, especially if you’re a chocolate hound. Our favorites are the chocolate nut and the rocky road, but if you’re more of a purist, the plain chocolate fudge will suit you just fine.

Great Guatemalan Desserts

The cake mentioned above, the Borracho is a light sponge cake that is literally drenched in sugar syrup laced with a typical Guatemalan rum made from their sugar cane crops. This cake is found in pastry shops around Guatemala City, and is generally sold by the slice. Slices are set into a larger muffin paper to contain the syrup dripping out. The cake is topped with a cornstarch pudding made with milk, and then decorated with raisins. In my early life I had never heard of this kind of cake, and it quickly became a favorite. The sugar syrup is cooked with a true cinnamon stick so the syrup is cinnamon flavored. The cake is simple to make as any sponge cake will do, and any simple cornstarch pudding works for the topping.

Rellenitos de Platano are one of the desserts I have always been enchanted with. Platanos are plantains, and relleno means filled. In this case, these little oval shaped desserts are filled with black beans cooked down to a paste. If this sounds strange, it is nonetheless a delicious flavor combination. Eating plantains and black beans, a common pairing at any meal, are a particularly tasty combination. In this case, the plantains are cooked and pureed, a little sugar and cinnamon are added and this is the outside of the dessert. Pureed black beans are cooked down to a thick paste and a small bit is placed into the center of an oval shaped bit of the plantains. These are fried and rolled in granulated sugar to serve, hot or cold.

Chancletas are another interesting use of a vegetable. These are made with Chayote squash. At times, these squash are plentiful, and using them as a dessert is just another way to use up the excess. The chayotes are cooked whole. Once tender, they are split in half and the insides are scoped out as for a twice baked potato. The inner flesh is mashed or pureed and sugar, cinnamon, raisins and cookie crumbs are added to thicken. The mixture is placed back into the skins of the chayote and set on a baking sheet. These are baked until set, about 20 to 30 minutes. The name chancleta means slipper, as they are supposed to resemble a slipper.

Polvorosas are a type of shortbread cookie. The name comes from the word polvo, meaning powder or dust. The cookies are rolled into powdered sugar when baked, so biting into them gives one the reason why they are thus named. Shortbread of any kind is made without eggs added to bind the batter or dough, and this makes shortbread unusually crumbly. These little cookies are made into small round shapes with a flat top. They are much the same as the cookies known as snowballs, or Mexican Wedding Cakes.

Other typically Guatemalan sweets are found sold by street vendors on many street corners. The Guatemalans make candy out of unlikely things such as squash or sweet potato, along with some fruits like figs, orange peels or guavas. These candied fruits or vegetables can take days to make, because of the long, slow cooking process required to get them down to their dried, crystallized state.

Many other typical candies are also sold alongside these candied fruits or vegetables, and all of them have their particular flavor and shape. All of these desserts are amazing in their variety and in the imagination of those who came up with the recipes. Nothing is wasted. Even leftover cakes are made into a new cake, using the crumbs as a base.

Present Cupcakes

Presentation is the key to success in every field, then why would cupcakes be left behind. When it comes to presenting cupcakes, you need to consider four main things namely, cupcake stands, cupcake boxes, cupcake wraps and cupcake decoration. Of the four things, the last one gets most of the attention while the other things are usually overlooked, but you should give importance to the other ones as well.

As far as cupcake decoration is concerned, there are many things that you can use to enhance the look and feel of cupcakes like edible glitters, sprinklers, colors and luster sprays. You may also add attractive fondants of different shapes, fruit pieces, chocolate chips and gems to your cupcakes.

Now, we come to cupcake stands and cupcake wraps. The two things should be selected so that they go with each other. For instance, you can use brown colored wraps on a white cupcake stand. It will add a classy touch to your dessert stall. The most important thing to consider while buying cupcake stand is the type of material. The cupcake stands come in a variety of materials like acrylic, glass, plastic, metallic and cardboard. You have to choose according to your needs and requirements. For instance, if you want a one-time-use stand, you should buy a cardboard stand; they come really cheap and you can dispose them off after one usage. If you want a durable stand that you can use for a longer time, acrylic or metallic stand would be a better choice, but as these stands come quite inexpensive, budget can be an issue. In this case, you may prefer to buy a simple stand and use some DIY techniques to decorate it on your own. For instance, you may use laces or florist tapes to give it vibrant look.

Cupcake boxes are usually required when you want to transport the cupcakes or gift the cupcakes to your loved ones. Cardboard cupcake boxes are always the best option. They come in a variety of designs to choose from. If budget is an issue, you may choose to buy a simple cupcake box and decorate it on your own and believe me, it’s more fun than a task. There are many ways to decorate the boxes. For instance, you may buy a simple white colored cardboard box and paste colored glazed papers on it. Then, you may decorate it further using sparkles and tie it with a colorful ribbon. Be sure to make the knot properly else it will look really awful. You can also add some message to the box like “Happy Birthday”.

Frozen Vegan Desserts

Honestly, this seems like a perfectly reasonable choice. Going off the diet for an occasional dairy or egg tainted treat may allow you to keep your sanity and stay vegan the rest of the time. I cannot find any fault with that. Yet I know that others with greater willpower or stronger conviction would disagree.

Are there any decent vegan treats out there worth exploring? Thankfully, I have found a few. I admit to succumbing to a few slices of lemon pound cake with fresh strawberries, little bites of milk chocolate, and some tiny slivers of real pie at the holidays. The rest of the time I count on the treats below to keep me satisfied.

I have tried a variety of frozen, non-dairy milk products. Generally they suffer from poor texture (very hard). They also taste strange, at least to those well used to enjoying dairy ice cream. These products honestly cannot compete with regular ice cream. Fortunately, one product line exists that is not great but still pretty good.

Hands down, to me the best frozen vegan desserts come from Almond Dream, which uses almonds as the base. Their Almond Dream Bites in vanilla definitely top my chart for the best overall product. Small, chocolate covered, bite sized tastes made of almond milk, these treats benefit from a brief thaw before digging in. Overall, they offer a satisfying sweet frozen snack.

Other successful Almond Dream products include Lil’ Dreamers vanilla non-dairy milk sandwiches. These 100-calorie treats hit the spot while still allowing for portion control. The outside cookie shell is a little damp and overly soft, just like regular ice cream sandwiches. Almond Dream’s chocolate gluten-free non-dairy milk “ice cream” offers another option. This dessert improves with a bit of thawing, like the Bites. The flavor and texture are decent, not perfect. If you can put the taste and feel of regular ice cream out of your mind, this offers a reasonable choice.

Desserts Around the World

In the Unites States, apple pie is known as the most traditional American dessert. It’s been a symbol of American culture as much as baseball has. Apple pies can be made in a variety of different ways, sometimes with cinnamon or nutmeg on the inside. Apple pies didn’t originate in the United States, they actually came from the Pilgrims that came from England.

In France, Chocolate Soufflé with Grand Marnier is very unique. They make this with eggs, chocolate, and, of course, plenty of sugar. When they add Grand Marnier, it adds a citrus taste to the dish.

Gelato is a unique frozen treat from Italy. It’s made in a different way than ice cream, as they use milk instead of cream to make it. It is also thicker and stronger than ice cream as it contains less air.

Canada gives us Maple taffy with is a sweet treat made with snow and maple syrup. Dessert recipes like this are made when hot maple syrup is poured into snow, which hardens. Then it’s placed on a stick and eaten like a sucker.

A delicious dish from Poland is called babka. It’s a sweet cake that often contains raisins or fruit. In Egypt, they enjoy basbousa, which is a cake made with whipped cream berries, and lime curd mixed together. Niger makes a delicious treat that is very much like rice pudding. It’s called Caakiri and uses a variety of ingredients, like nutmeg, cream, and vanilla yogurt. A really delicious Venezuelan treat is a sponge cake with a cream-filled center called brazo de gitano. It can be made with a variety of delicious ingredients, including cream, jam, or icing.

Dessert recipes from the Middle Ages produced Belgian waffles, which are made with a waffle iron and have delicious toppings like fruit or chocolate. In Australia, they have a dessert called pavlova which is a pie with meringue crust. It’s often covered in fruit. In Japan, they make mochi ice cream, which is a cross between ice cream and rice cakes, which make for delicious treats.

In the Philippines they make a wonderful dessert that looks like a pancake that’s called bibingka. They mostly serve and eat it around Christmas time. In Austria, they eat sponge cake called Sacher torte for dessert. Dessert recipes in Mexico include rice pudding with cinnamon called arroz con leche. The Thai have a tradition for their dessert recipes called mango sticky rice, which is a delicious dish, made of rice, coconut, and mango.

Becomming a Baker

Bakers are responsible for creating a wide variety of baked goods. Many of these items are created early in the morning, in order to be ready for morning purchases at bakeries and restaurants. One thing to be aware of is you could be expected to start your day before the sun comes up. You will be working with your hands a lot, while multitasking and mixing different ingredients. You will have to know how to mix and measure ingredients while using products such as flour and sugar. When baking, it tends to get a bit messy, so it will be important to try and keep your work area as clean as possible while juggling different ingredients. If you are into decorating your baked goods, this can be a huge help in the industry. These might be some things to consider or even work on, while you are contemplating your future as a baker.

When baking, you need to know how to follow instructions and be able to prepare things in a timely manner by following specific recipes, or even coming up with your own. If you already have experience in the kitchen, baking goods for family and friends, it may be much easier for you to get organized as a baker. Although this can be a fun hobby for many, a career as a baker can at times be stressful, but with the right amount of passion and hard work, it can be very rewarding.

Regardless of the experience you might have, there is always room to improve your baking skills. You should look into your state requirements for this field, if looking for employment in this field. Having a High School diploma is the minimum requirement for most places. You should do some research to find a culinary school that would best fit your needs as an aspiring baker. It is important to find out about job placement within a school, or the employment rate for those who have previously attended a specific school. After that, you can start taking classes and learning the skills you will need in order to pursue this career. It is recommended to at least get certified as a baker, through a school to help with finding employment.

Hallmarks of a Great Cake


The first thing you will know about a cake, even before you have put your fork into it, is what it looks like and whether or not it looks appealing. This is of course highly important if you are eating cake for your wedding or for another big event as you want to be able to generate excitement for the desert and also ensure that it matches your décor. Look for a cake then that matches the theme of your event, that looks delicious, but that also looks attractive. The best cakes you almost don’t want to eat for fear of ruining their looks (almost, but not quite).


Another early indication of the quality of a cake is the smell. This isn’t the be-all and end-all of your cake but it will impact on the taste, and can yet again help to get your juices running in anticipation. A great cake will smell almost like a sweet perfume. Resist the urge to rub yourself in it…


The next thing you’ll know is how the cake feels when you first stick your fork in it and go to take a bite. If it’s good cake then it will feel moist and it will crumble under the fork. If it is too dry on the other hand though, or it is tough and won’t cut easily, then this is likely to negatively impact on the enjoyment of the cake.


Of course good cake should also taste great, and this is arguably the most difficult element and the most subjective. Make sure if you buy cake that you go to the effort of tasting it and sampling it prior to parting with your cash, and when you cook it likewise make sure to follow the recipe carefully, to taste it as you go, to offer it to others for a review, and to make sample batches initially so that you aren’t too committed. A great tasting cake should be sweet but not so rich that it makes you feel ill, and it should be made up of lots of slightly different layers and textures.


Finally a truly great cake will last a long tie. Wedding cakes and Christmas cakes are often fruit cakes simply because they can be eaten months or even years later.