Garlic Roasted Fish Fillet in 2020

Roasting garlic fish is one of the most delicious ways to enjoy it. This process softens the acidity of the bulb and releases the sugars, giving it a rich caramel flavour. For the ultimate in roasted garlic, try our roasted garlic chicken. Garlic can also be roasted whole. To do this, cut off the top of the garlic head and drizzle with olive oil. Season with salt and pepper and wrap with aluminium foil. Bake at 350F for about 40 min. Once the roasted garlic has cooled, simply squeeze the bottom of the garlic head and the roasted cloves will come out.

As garlic is available year-round, there isn’t a distinct season when it looks its best. When shopping, choose plump, firm bulbs with tight cloves. Bulbs that appear drier, where the skin easily falls off, are likely old. If you slice open your garlic clove and notice that there is a green stem inside, this indicates that your garlic is sprouting and past its prime. Some find this green stem to be bitter and pungent, but it’s still okay to use the clove — simply remove the green stem prior to cooking. In the spring and summer months, you can look for locally grown garlic at your farmers’ market. This variety is usually much firmer and tends to be slightly milder in flavour.

When garlic is chopped, the release of sugars and oils can make for a sticky exterior, and this sometimes makes it difficult to work with. If you don’t like handling garlic, a garlic press is an excellent solution; they’re a little more work to clean, but they quickly produce evenly minced garlic.

Is your ivory collared garlic suddenly a greenish blue colour? When garlic is minced in its raw form and comes into contact with an acid (lemon juice, vinegar), the acid begins to break down the garlic, changing its composition. This alteration creates a reaction with the amino acids in garlic and results in a greenish-blue colour. (This colour change is harmless except for the appearance of your plate.)

Benefits of having a Good Grill at Home

There are many features that we could have in our homes that would easily enhance the look and worth of our home while allowing us to be able to do more within our home surroundings. One such feature is the introduction of a grill. A grill is a cooking device that processes food by roasting it. Thus, they are often used for barbecue meat, barbecue fish and other types of raw meals that could be roasted before they are eaten. The most popular types of grills used to be powered by wood or charcoal. However, in recent times, there are grills powered by gas that is used to cook. Considering that this type of roasted meal is often a common feature in different types of gatherings, having a grill comes with a lot of benefits. Some of the reasons why you should have a grill are discussed subsequently.


We all love to eat a variety of food, especially when they are delicious. Roasted meat, fish, corn and other types of roasted meals come with a very great taste. This has been a major reason why many people have a grill in their house. A lot of people, even when they can afford it have continued to use their charcoal and wood grill because they enjoy the smoky flavor of the meals cooked with a grill. Even people who are picky with food enjoy eating most types of grilled food.

Healthy vegetables

The major nutrient we get from eating vegetables is Vitamins. Unfortunately, we sometimes have to cook our vegetables long before consuming them. The longer we cook the vegetable, the more Vitamins are lost. With grills, the higher temperature from the grills implies cooking the vegetable for a little time before they are ready to eat. With this, you get more vitamins out of the vegetable and you get to consume healthier vegetables.

Clean kitchens

If you have a grill, you will sometimes take your cooking outside when you decide to grill as opposed to cooking. The implication is that for that night, you would not have to bother about scrubbing pans and pots since you would not need them while grilling. Even though you might need to sometimes clean your grills properly, in most cases, just using a stiff wire brush to remove whatever is stuck on the grates would suffice. The grills powered by gas sometimes come with a clean button that can help you to automatically burn the food that falls below the grates.


You are already aware that you grilling vegetables and meats give them a great taste. What you might not know is that you can also get great tastes from avocados, quesadillas, pound cake, fruit, and pizza when you grill them. Thus, whether you are eating alone, with family or with friends, you can get creative with your menu and grill a wide range of food and surprise them with how rich a grill menu can be.

Grill options

There are many types of grill you can choose from, even if you have just a small balcony or patio, you can go for a portable grill. This could also work out if you want to use your grill indoors. If on the other hand, you have a big outdoor space you want to install your grill, then you can opt for bigger grills. You also get to choose between the gas that is great for indoor usage and can be used outdoors as well or the charcoal that you can use for your outdoors. If you are looking to buy any of these types of grills, you can check at Louisiana Grills.

Lower utility bills

Using your grills can reduce how much you would pay for electricity. When you use you cook within the house, especially during the summer months, the house will get hotter and you will use more power on your air conditioning units to cool the house. Grilling outside would not require this. Thus, having a grill could save you some money on electricity bills.


The major reason why a lot of people still have grills in their house today is the kabob. The history of grills could also be traced to this as one of the first methods of cooking was our ancestors roasting meat with a fire burning from woods. The fact that everybody loved Kabobs implies that you can enjoy it with your kids, with your lover on a romantic date or with your friends. You can also make Kebab with a lot of meat types including port, beef, and chicken among others. Seafood, fruit, and vegetables can also be introduced so that should you have a vegetarian friend, they can enjoy the vegetable and fruits.

Healthier eating

The fact you don’t need a lot of condiments and sauces with grilled food could make you eat healthier. When you grill food, the juices are not lost, and they stay moist and tender without the need for butter, oil or other sauces that could increase the calorie of the meal. Just add some spices to your vegetable and meat and you would be good to go.

A few simple, fast and meatless Persian Foods

Iran is full of food. Sometimes we see this variation in each province and ethnicity, and sometimes we find surprisingly different foods between two cities or two villages within ten minutes.

Amidst all this diversity of food, what is often overlooked is the menu of restaurants and cafes and then the rest of the country, followed by fast food and sometimes Iranian meatless food. Perhaps the main reason for this is that we Iranians consider food a part of our honor and an important part of our hospitality and do not go for cheap or fast food until we have expensive and meaty foods to offer.

In fact, we keep those foods for our busy and busy days and forget that they can also be introduced and offered to our guests as new flavors and flavors.

In this note, we will review ten Iranian fast foods that also fall into the category of non-meat foods. Get along with Negarin Food.

persian foods

Dumimaj; Qazvin Meatless Food – Persian Food

It is true that we find dummaj in many Iranian cities, especially in Azerbaijan, but this simple dish is more popular than anywhere else in Qazvin.

Doumaj compounds can be made entirely from the food leftover from the previous days. Old cheese, walnut crumbs, leftover fragrant vegetables, and the addition of dried bread are the main ingredients of this simple dish. Simply combine all of these together to achieve a relatively single mix. Now add your favorite seasonings like salt and pepper and then take a handful of the mixture and round with your hands. The Qazvins call this part of the affair ablaze.

Now you can bury the Duchamp. You can also serve squash, syrup, cucumber or watermelon syrup.

Gourmet or pomegranate or pomegranate, simple Ardakan meat

Ardea is a constant leg of Ardakan foods. No wonder, of course. When the city is the largest producer of Ardeh, the footprint of this product can finally be seen in the food panels of the city.

Gourmet is a portion of cold food. To make it, you first need to find a pomegranate with red seeds and water it. Then mix pomegranate juice and mix well. Note that the speed of the shuffle must be high so that the wills do not fight. After the one-handed liquid has emerged, sprinkle the bread on it and bake.

This Ardakani fast food has neither yogurt nor grits. Now, ask why it is called Dear Ardakan.

Two plum pies; Shirazi meat without meat
This dish has no aloe. But Shirazis call the potatoes plums. As the name implies, you should take two to one onion and potatoes. Chop the potatoes into cubes. We’re not saying Negin because they need to be slightly larger than Negin. Slice the potatoes a little. In another pan fry the onions with turmeric. Then add the potatoes and fry until fried. Add a little water if you like and let it cook together again.

Plum dip is one of the fast and easy Iranian dishes. You can prepare it in ten minutes on busy days.

Chicken or lobster juice; no meat for development – Persian Food

This simple dish has neither chicken nor lobster. Why this name should be asked dear Abadan himself. Of course, we also asked and found no answer.

Beer is a combination of boiled peas, turmeric, and pepper. Like a bean or lentil feed, the chicken should have some water and serve as a soup or soup.

Chicken juice

Roasted cheese; Rashti fast food

To make this dish, you need a little Guillan cheese, eggs, a little butter, garlic, and dill. Simply fry the cheese with butter and garlic. Then add the dry or fresh and continue to bake until they are roasted. Finally, break the eggs into these ingredients, stir well and cook. Roast cheese comes in three minutes. Perhaps this one will win a silver medal in the Olympics for simple and fast foods. Why not say gold? Because now we want to tell you about the Yazd Samurai Ashura which could possibly be faster.

How to make roasted cheese; A simple meal for dinner

Samurai espresso; super simple and super-fast food

Samurai Esophagus requires a little bit of original animal oil, chopped onions, crushed eggs, peppers, marjoram or any other aromatic vegetable that suits your temperament. Pour all this into a bowl. Then remove the samovar milk and open boiling water on it.

Hold hands until the oil boils in boiling water. As soon as your food is ready. Soak the bread in it and squeeze it.

Samurai tears

Kalajush, a simple Iranian food

It’s hard to find a home for Kalajush. Of course, this dish is made in every region in a unique way. But the most common method in most cities is a combination of curd, hot onion, and mint. After the curd is boiled, they are added to it. Eventually, the bread is sprinkled on Kalajush and the bread is killed.

Pakura – a simple, meatless bun – Persian Food

To make Pakura Bushehr, simply combine flour, baking powder, baked potatoes, coriander, garlic stalks, onions, and green pepper in a food processor to combine. Roast these ingredients like coco in circular shapes in the oil and finally squeeze in orange juice or lemon juice. On the streets of Bushehr and many other southern cities, you can enjoy this simple and fast food.


Want some ice cream? Make your favourite kind!

Making ice cream is not that difficult – just grab the right ingredients and a can of Milkmaid condensed milk and get started.

There’s something to be said for midnight ice cream cravings – they hit you suddenly and they hit so hard that you can’t rest till you’ve had a scoop of your favourite flavour. Whether vanilla or strawberry, chocolate or chikoo, your favourite ice cream flavour has the power to transform your mood and make the world a (literally) sweeter place again!

Except – you head to the freezer and find that there’s just one tiny morsel of ice cream left in the box. It’s too late to head to the ice cream parlour. So, here’s what you do – you make do with the little ice cream leftover in the box, but you also make your own.

But wait a minute – did you think that making ice cream was tough? That it needed a lot of fancy equipment and expensive ingredients? That’s not true at all. When you have a simple ice cream recipe and the right ingredients at your disposal, you can whip up delicious ice cream in your kitchen. Imagine a world where you could have your favourite ice cream whenever you wanted – wouldn’t that be heaven?

Here’s how you can recreate your favourite ice cream recipe at home; you will need –

  • 200 ml milk (even skimmed will do)
  • 250 gm of your favourite fruit (mango, chikoo, strawberry, blueberry, etc.)
  • 200 gm or half a tin of Nestle milkmaid
  • 250 gm fresh cream

Deseed the fruit and blitz in a blender. In a bowl, combine the condensed milk, cream and milk. Freeze for about two hours, then add the fruit pulp to it and freeze for about four hours. Remove from freezer when set and hardened, then serve cold in bowls.

Ice cream recipe secrets

  • Most people are sceptical about adding salt to desserts – but try adding 1/8th teaspoon salt to the ice cream recipe and marvel at the added depth of flavour.
  • Though most health-conscious people steer clear of ice cream fearing the bountiful number of calories in each scoop, ice creams also impart carbs, fat, sodium, protein and calcium.
  • The cold temperature and the sweet taste form a potent combination for those who have undergone surgery for their tonsils and teeth, and who cannot eat solid food for a while. Ice cream makes you feel full and staves off hunger for a couple of hours while helping to maintain glucose levels in diabetics and those suffering from hypoglycaemia.
  • You can even use fruit concentrate instead of actual fruit if you don’t have the latter – but actual fruit chunks are a healthier option and impart more density to the ice cream recipe.

Check for delicious ice cream recipes to make at home.

Kabob Grilling Tips

You can cook almost any kind of meat and many vegetables and fruits as a kabob. Just make sure that you use ingredients that will cook in approximately the same time. Otherwise some pieces will be done and burning while others still have a ways to go. Making separate skewers with similar ingredients can solve this. Try to leave a little space between each piece (a quarter inch should do). This will help the heat circulate better and cook each piece more evenly.

Marinating the meat ahead of cooking will give flavor as well as keep the meat moist. Use your favorite marinade and 1″ chunks of meat in a zip-lock bag for 1 hour before you prepare and grill your kabobs. Nothing says that the meat has to be cut into chunks. For something different, cut the meat into strips and marinate. Then put them on the skewers in a ribbon style. Cook the marinade on the stove for a few minutes, and then use it to baste the kabobs with as they cook. This will add flavor and help keep them from drying out.

You can use either metal skewers or bamboo. If you use bamboo skewers, soak them in water for 45-60 minutes before cooking. This will help the kabobs from burning. If you have trouble with the pieces sliding around when you turn the kabobs, try using two skewers instead of one. This will make it easy to turn each kabob without problems.

Chianina Steakhouse

As you enter the restaurant, a glass wall of wine offers mysterious glimpses of the low-lit restaurant behind. Not until you reach the hostess at the end of the entry are you awarded with a full view of the restaurant and bar. Only then will you discover the sophisticated ambiance of neutral tones, geometric shapes and natural textures of wood, marble and metal. The predominant greys and whites pay homage to the Chianina breed of cattle that is the restaurant’s namesake. Behind the wall of glass and wine is a long white-marble bar capable of accommodating approximately 20 patrons. The other half of the room is consumed by the restaurant with mostly booths and a few 2-seat tables off the bar. At the end of the bar is an automated wine bar that allows affordable samplings of fine wines that are being sold by the bottle. Adding to the ambiance is the trendy music softly being played overhead that will occasionally hook you into the beat.

We arrived early on a Saturday evening without reservations and were not surprised that the entire restaurant was reserved for the night. Luckily, the bar was completely open so we saddled up on cozy bar stools. The friendly staff welcomed us immediately and filled us in on all the selection details for the evening. We started with a couple glasses of their recommended Pinot Noir and unique bar condiments like spicy pickles, spiced nuts and warmed olives – each uniquely delicious. An amazingly flavorful Steak and Frites appetizer set the bar for what was yet to come. Between the four in our group, we ordered the 8 oz. Petite Filet, Chianina Beef Burger and Housemade Piedemontese Corned Beef and shared portions between us. Everything was an overwhelming hit. The Petite Filet was super succulent and mouthwatering; the Beef Burger was a nice thick portion with scrumptious chunks of bleu cheese, marinated onions and specialty pickles; and the Corned Beef sandwich was perfectly paired with rye bread, pickles and hot mustard. All of the breads at Chianina are house-baked from the table bread to the rye bread and burger buns. We were full from the meals but couldn’t resist the Chocolate Cake with Espresso Whipped Cream and Caramel Sauce. Espresso whipped cream? Yum! A comment from Parker behind the bar sums it up best – “It’s nice to work at a restaurant where you don’t have to worry about the quality of food”.

Chianina is located on the Naples Island section of 2nd Street in Long Beach. Reservations are highly recommended as they are quickly being recognized as one of the best steak restaurants in L.A. and Orange Counties. Chianina is open every evening for dinner except Monday. Dress is business-casual to formal. Leave the worries of finding a parking spot on the ever-popular 2nd street at home because they offer valet parking. Chianina would be a smart choice for a date. The menu is full of pricey and not-so-pricey choices for meat lovers and vegetarians alike. And just a short drive from the restaurant is Gondola Getaway where couples and groups are transported through the canals of Naples Island in authentic gondolas. Gondoliers are even known to sing Italian songs while passing under several arched bridges along the way. – – Now That’s Amore!

Countertop Grilling

The traditional grill comes with one or more cooking surface. The cooking surface sits atop heating elements and a drip pan is used to collect juices and fats while cooking. To achieve smokeless grilling, pour water into the drip pan to cool the drippings before they have a chance to create smoke.

Another type is the countertop contact grill. These grills work by applying heat directly to food via heating grids. Countertop contact grills usually have two heating surfaces that is used to clamp down the food. Think of a waffle maker and you pretty much get the idea. Contact grills work best with sandwiches and the likes and are not that effective with thick meat. Countertop contact grill heat is usually well insulated inside the grill itself, leaving your countertop unscathed.

Countertop grills are popular because they are easy to clean. The grill surface and drip pan are easily removable and can fit most dishwashers. For contact grills, you just open the grill and wipe the grilling surface when done cooking. Countertop grills are quite portable too. Any countertop surface will do when you have that urge to do some grilling. When done grilling, you just pack it up and store it away.

For the serious grillers, you might want to consider a built-in countertop grilling unit. These units offer more grilling surface and some even come with a frying surface. You can install a gas fed countertop grill for open flame cooking. Some popular countertop gas grillers also accommodate wood chips to add the wood flavor to your grilling. You will need to install a ventilation unit to suck all that smoke away. There are electric built-in countertop grillers available where heat is generated from heating elements sitting under the grill – much like the portable countertop grill.

Charcoal Barbeque Grill

There are also some potential negatives with using this type of grill. The coal can be hard to light, especially if it has become wet or damp in any way. And once you’ve lit it there will be no way to adjust the temperature. You will have to get a ‘feel’ for the best number of coals to use while you are setting up. And when you are done grilling your food you will be forced to let the charcoal cool for a considerable time (several hours) before putting the grill away. Similar to fire wood, the coals must completely burn out over time before they are safe.

However, these are nothing major and should not steer you away from using a charcoal barbeque grill at all. Once you become used to operating one you will quickly realize the benefits in terms of flavor and overall grilling experience. Here is a list of things to ponder when considering the merits of one of these charcoal grills.

  • The briquets produce carbon monoxide and cannot be used in an enclosed space. Make sure you have ample circulation around the grill before you light them.
  • If you need to move the charcoal grill around at all you should consider buying a portable model. These grills are built with wheels and other handy features that make them very easy to move around.
  • Look for some useful features like vents at the top and bottom of the grill, as well as built-in thermometers to let you know how hot it is in there at all times. You will be able to make some small adjustments to the coal, but keep in mind with these grills you cannot just turn a dial to make it hotter or cooler.
  • Make sure the bottom grate is durable, as this will be used to move or lift the coals out as necessary. You want one that will stand up to the blazing heat and perform its’ job each and every time you need it.
  • Also make sure each of the handles are insulated to protect your hands from the heat. If not, be sure to use mitts each time you open the grill to protect from burns.
  • Read the specs regarding the finish used during the painting application. You want a paint that is extremely heat resistant, as well as one that will stand up to the harshest of weather.

5 Important Factors for Being as Healthy as Possible

If your health is failing or compromised, it can overshadow all other areas of your life. From aches, pains, and lethargy to life-threatening diseases, not feeling your best can quickly be a drain on your energy, time, and resources.

Fortunately, reclaiming your health and improving your state of affairs even preventing disease is made easier with some essential steps that proactively protect your health. You must add these healthy habits to your daily routine to promote optimal health. Creating a quality life starts with your health, and these critical factors:

1. Avoiding toxic substances

People put things into their bodies that are downright dangerous. Whether it’s cigarettes, alcohol, prescription or recreational drugs it’s all a risky cocktail that compromises your mental and physical health. These substances have the potential to be highly addictive, and your casual use of them can quickly spiral out of control, taking a toll on your health and wellness. If you realize that you do have a problem with substance abuse and addiction, seeking Ohio outpatient treatment and similar options in other states might be a good idea for getting back on track with your health and your life. The sooner you let go of these toxic addictions, the more your body can start to repair and rejuvenate itself, moving again toward balance.

2. Eating clean

Our food is more processed and nutritionally void than ever before, and it’s time that we learn to recognize the difference between whole foods and processed foods, for processing them excessively robs them of the life force that nourishes our cells. Generally speaking, if it comes in a package, box, or can, it has been processed in some way. If you have been eating the standard American diet for a while, the thought of revamping your diet can seem overwhelming. Our advice to you makes small and consistent changes that compound on themselves over time. Replace canned vegetables with fresh ones, choose fresh cuts of meat from your butcher or grocer, and learn to cook using these ingredients. Over time, you’ll feel better, you’ll look better, and you’ll want to keep making these changes toward a life with rich, whole foods, fresh produce, and whole grains that contributes to vibrant health.

3. Exercise

Your body was designed to move stretching, lifting, pulling, pushing, running, and walking are all activities that you should incorporate for the long haul. Keeping your bones and muscles strong as you age is particularly important; studies show that those who perform weight-bearing exercises on a regular basis have greater strength and a healthier rate of metabolism than their counterparts who don’t exercise regularly. Simply put, if you want to slow the aging process, start moving that body!

4. Get healthy, restful sleep

Good sleep is critical for overall health, both mental and physical. Never underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep! The lack of sleep contributes to the development of many disease and conditions, including:

  • Diabetes
  • Heart Disease
  • Elevated Blood Pressure
  • Metabolic disorders
  • Depression and anxiety

Get back on the sleepy train and establish healthy bedtime habits that promote restful sleep. Follow these tips to help you get to sleep faster and sleep longer:

  • Refrain from drinking caffeinated beverages later in the day
  • Go to bed and wake up at the same time each day
  • Upgrade to a more comfortable mattress and better bedding
  • Sleep in complete darkness
  • Dim the lights and refrain from the use of electronics a few hours before bedtime
  • Sleep in comfortable pajamas and bedding

Get some shuteye your health depends on it!

5. Manage your stress

Stress really is a silent killer it has adverse effects on almost every system in your body. When you are stressed, excess cortisol has a depressive effect on your metabolism and poses an elevated risk for damage to your heart. You are more likely to suffer from mental distress and depression if you are constantly and excessively stressed.

You must manage or learn to release your stress in healthy ways to promote total health. Try taking regular nature walks, taking up yoga and meditation, or developing a supportive network of family and friends who can support you and help shoulder burdens from time to time. We all have unpleasant life experiences from time to time knowing what to do when the chips are down will help you avoid stress levels from going up.

With these critical elements in place, consistent healthy habits and practices will do wonders for mind, body, and spirit. Practicing preventative measures is literally a matter of life and death; start creating the healthy, vibrant life you desire today!

Desserts for Diabetics

You will need a 9″ pie crust brushed with egg whites, ¼ cup whipping cream, ¼ teaspoon vanilla extract, 1/2 cup of fruit-sweet raspberry jam or syrup, ½ pint of fresh, rinsed raspberries, 1 packet of Equal or NutraSweet, 1/3 cup of fat free or light cream cheese, 2/3 cup of partially skin ricotta cheese, ¾ cup of milk, 1 4-serving package of instant sugar-free chocolate pudding, and a mint sprig to decorate each slice.

To make the Creamy Raspberry Filling, first beat the whipping cream. When it is nearly stiff, add the vanilla and a tablespoon of the strained raspberry jam or syrup. Save one berry for the garnish, and fold the remainder of the fresh raspberries and the Equal into the mix. Spread the filling evenly over the bottom of the baked pie shell.

To make the Chocolate Raspberry Mousse, blend the following thoroughly in a blender or food processor: The cream cheese, ricotta cheese and ½ cup of raspberry jam or syrup. When the mixture is smooth and no seeds are detected, hand stir in the milk. Beat in the chocolate pudding powder, only until it is thoroughly mixed. Pour the mousse mixture over the berry filling immediately, making sure that it spread evenly and until the edges of the crust.

Refrigerate for thirty to sixty minutes, until properly congealed. Or you can chill the pie for fifteen to twenty minutes in the freezer. When ready to serve, garnish each individual slice with one raspberry and one mint sprig.

You will need one cup of raisins, 1/3 cup of dates, ½ cup of chopped apples, ¾ cup of chopped nuts, 1 cup of water, ½ cup of vegetable shortening, two well-beaten eggs or egg-substitute, 2 ½ teaspoons of liquid sweetener, 1 cup of flour, 1 teaspoon of vanilla, 1 teaspoon of baking soda and 1 teaspoon of baking powder.

Soak the raisins and dates for at least an hour. Then boil the raisins, dates and apples for a full three minutes. Next, you will want to add the shortening to melt, cool and add the remaining ingredients with nuts last. Refrigerate the mix until it is well chilled, then drop the mix by the teaspoon onto a cookie sheet. Bake the cookies at 350ºF. for 10 to 12 minutes, and enjoy!