A few simple, fast and meatless Persian Foods

Iran is full of food. Sometimes we see this variation in each province and ethnicity, and sometimes we find surprisingly different foods between two cities or two villages within ten minutes.

Amidst all this diversity of food, what is often overlooked is the menu of restaurants and cafes and then the rest of the country, followed by fast food and sometimes Iranian meatless food. Perhaps the main reason for this is that we Iranians consider food a part of our honor and an important part of our hospitality and do not go for cheap or fast food until we have expensive and meaty foods to offer.

In fact, we keep those foods for our busy and busy days and forget that they can also be introduced and offered to our guests as new flavors and flavors.

In this note, we will review ten Iranian fast foods that also fall into the category of non-meat foods. Get along with Negarin Food.

persian foods

Dumimaj; Qazvin Meatless Food – Persian Food

It is true that we find dummaj in many Iranian cities, especially in Azerbaijan, but this simple dish is more popular than anywhere else in Qazvin.

Doumaj compounds can be made entirely from the food leftover from the previous days. Old cheese, walnut crumbs, leftover fragrant vegetables, and the addition of dried bread are the main ingredients of this simple dish. Simply combine all of these together to achieve a relatively single mix. Now add your favorite seasonings like salt and pepper and then take a handful of the mixture and round with your hands. The Qazvins call this part of the affair ablaze.

Now you can bury the Duchamp. You can also serve squash, syrup, cucumber or watermelon syrup.

Gourmet or pomegranate or pomegranate, simple Ardakan meat

Ardea is a constant leg of Ardakan foods. No wonder, of course. When the city is the largest producer of Ardeh, the footprint of this product can finally be seen in the food panels of the city.

Gourmet is a portion of cold food. To make it, you first need to find a pomegranate with red seeds and water it. Then mix pomegranate juice and mix well. Note that the speed of the shuffle must be high so that the wills do not fight. After the one-handed liquid has emerged, sprinkle the bread on it and bake.

This Ardakani fast food has neither yogurt nor grits. Now, ask why it is called Dear Ardakan.

Two plum pies; Shirazi meat without meat
This dish has no aloe. But Shirazis call the potatoes plums. As the name implies, you should take two to one onion and potatoes. Chop the potatoes into cubes. We’re not saying Negin because they need to be slightly larger than Negin. Slice the potatoes a little. In another pan fry the onions with turmeric. Then add the potatoes and fry until fried. Add a little water if you like and let it cook together again.

Plum dip is one of the fast and easy Iranian dishes. You can prepare it in ten minutes on busy days.

Chicken or lobster juice; no meat for development – Persian Food

This simple dish has neither chicken nor lobster. Why this name should be asked dear Abadan himself. Of course, we also asked and found no answer.

Beer is a combination of boiled peas, turmeric, and pepper. Like a bean or lentil feed, the chicken should have some water and serve as a soup or soup.

Chicken juice

Roasted cheese; Rashti fast food

To make this dish, you need a little Guillan cheese, eggs, a little butter, garlic, and dill. Simply fry the cheese with butter and garlic. Then add the dry or fresh and continue to bake until they are roasted. Finally, break the eggs into these ingredients, stir well and cook. Roast cheese comes in three minutes. Perhaps this one will win a silver medal in the Olympics for simple and fast foods. Why not say gold? Because now we want to tell you about the Yazd Samurai Ashura which could possibly be faster.

How to make roasted cheese; A simple meal for dinner

Samurai espresso; super simple and super-fast food

Samurai Esophagus requires a little bit of original animal oil, chopped onions, crushed eggs, peppers, marjoram or any other aromatic vegetable that suits your temperament. Pour all this into a bowl. Then remove the samovar milk and open boiling water on it.

Hold hands until the oil boils in boiling water. As soon as your food is ready. Soak the bread in it and squeeze it.

Samurai tears

Kalajush, a simple Iranian food

It’s hard to find a home for Kalajush. Of course, this dish is made in every region in a unique way. But the most common method in most cities is a combination of curd, hot onion, and mint. After the curd is boiled, they are added to it. Eventually, the bread is sprinkled on Kalajush and the bread is killed.

Pakura – a simple, meatless bun – Persian Food

To make Pakura Bushehr, simply combine flour, baking powder, baked potatoes, coriander, garlic stalks, onions, and green pepper in a food processor to combine. Roast these ingredients like coco in circular shapes in the oil and finally squeeze in orange juice or lemon juice. On the streets of Bushehr and many other southern cities, you can enjoy this simple and fast food.

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