Want some ice cream? Make your favourite kind!

Making ice cream is not that difficult – just grab the right ingredients and a can of Milkmaid condensed milk and get started.

There’s something to be said for midnight ice cream cravings – they hit you suddenly and they hit so hard that you can’t rest till you’ve had a scoop of your favourite flavour. Whether vanilla or strawberry, chocolate or chikoo, your favourite ice cream flavour has the power to transform your mood and make the world a (literally) sweeter place again!

Except – you head to the freezer and find that there’s just one tiny morsel of ice cream left in the box. It’s too late to head to the ice cream parlour. So, here’s what you do – you make do with the little ice cream leftover in the box, but you also make your own.

But wait a minute – did you think that making ice cream was tough? That it needed a lot of fancy equipment and expensive ingredients? That’s not true at all. When you have a simple ice cream recipe and the right ingredients at your disposal, you can whip up delicious ice cream in your kitchen. Imagine a world where you could have your favourite ice cream whenever you wanted – wouldn’t that be heaven?

Here’s how you can recreate your favourite ice cream recipe at home; you will need –

  • 200 ml milk (even skimmed will do)
  • 250 gm of your favourite fruit (mango, chikoo, strawberry, blueberry, etc.)
  • 200 gm or half a tin of Nestle milkmaid
  • 250 gm fresh cream

Deseed the fruit and blitz in a blender. In a bowl, combine the condensed milk, cream and milk. Freeze for about two hours, then add the fruit pulp to it and freeze for about four hours. Remove from freezer when set and hardened, then serve cold in bowls.

Ice cream recipe secrets

  • Most people are sceptical about adding salt to desserts – but try adding 1/8th teaspoon salt to the ice cream recipe and marvel at the added depth of flavour.
  • Though most health-conscious people steer clear of ice cream fearing the bountiful number of calories in each scoop, ice creams also impart carbs, fat, sodium, protein and calcium.
  • The cold temperature and the sweet taste form a potent combination for those who have undergone surgery for their tonsils and teeth, and who cannot eat solid food for a while. Ice cream makes you feel full and staves off hunger for a couple of hours while helping to maintain glucose levels in diabetics and those suffering from hypoglycaemia.
  • You can even use fruit concentrate instead of actual fruit if you don’t have the latter – but actual fruit chunks are a healthier option and impart more density to the ice cream recipe.

Check Milkmaid.in for delicious ice cream recipes to make at home.

Kabob Grilling Tips

You can cook almost any kind of meat and many vegetables and fruits as a kabob. Just make sure that you use ingredients that will cook in approximately the same time. Otherwise some pieces will be done and burning while others still have a ways to go. Making separate skewers with similar ingredients can solve this. Try to leave a little space between each piece (a quarter inch should do). This will help the heat circulate better and cook each piece more evenly.

Marinating the meat ahead of cooking will give flavor as well as keep the meat moist. Use your favorite marinade and 1″ chunks of meat in a zip-lock bag for 1 hour before you prepare and grill your kabobs. Nothing says that the meat has to be cut into chunks. For something different, cut the meat into strips and marinate. Then put them on the skewers in a ribbon style. Cook the marinade on the stove for a few minutes, and then use it to baste the kabobs with as they cook. This will add flavor and help keep them from drying out.

You can use either metal skewers or bamboo. If you use bamboo skewers, soak them in water for 45-60 minutes before cooking. This will help the kabobs from burning. If you have trouble with the pieces sliding around when you turn the kabobs, try using two skewers instead of one. This will make it easy to turn each kabob without problems.